July 19, 2024

The Covid-19 crisis has turned into a worldwide calamity.
In fairness, the national and local governments have had their hands on deck and are actually doing a good job.What is more amazing and admirable is the resiliency of the Baguio folk whose discipline and unity has made governance easier. Of course, there remain a few pessimists who would rather find fault but frankly they are of no moment now. We all want to help but right now I feel so helpless as I neither have the position nor the resources to help out, although we are trying in our little way, coupled by the fact that in my own home I am facing medical issues (not the Covid-19, I assure you) with family members, too.
Fact is coming from Notre Dame in the early hours of Tuesday I saw along Abanao Road in front of Michael del Rosario’s Veniz Hotel a banner which boldly announced – “We shall overcome!” The banner strikes at the deepest recesses of the heart of every Filipino – what we all wish and pray for in this present times, that sooner or later or hopefully soonest, all this nightmare will pass and we all wake up safe and sound from this bad dream. Mike’s banner is about faith, strength, and determination to recover and pick-up from the wicked past of a virus and march into the future despite the formidable challenge we are currently faced with.
“We shall overcome” is also a song by Bob Dylan or a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King even while it may have vignettes of a protestsong, it is not one of defiance but rather of a promise that we will see through this experience. The hymn says it all: “We shall overcome someday. Deep in my heart, I do believe.”
There are so many heroes in our midst today – the medical workers, policemen, soldiers, government officials and employees, barangay officials, volunteers, bankers, grocery personnel, gasoline station attendants, our neighbors, friends, and family who have shown an outpouring of concern, care, and love for their fellowmen.
Thank you and as Napoloen Bonaparte said as he bade farewell to his troops – “I love you all, but I cannot embrace you all!” Maybe in a week or two, we can make a movie and call it “El amor en los tiempos del Covid-19” – “Love in the time of Covid-19.” Sigh!