March 24, 2023

Disobedient school head

It feels bad there are people who think they are exempt from complying with health guidelines from the government and health authorities. In this particular case, an educator at that.
This school head, recently bestowed an outstanding award by the Civil Service Commission, despite being a close contact of teachers who caught the Covid-9 infection after the mass swab testing given to public school teachers, is unwilling to undergo swab test and worse, refuses to take home quarantine measures by reporting to work. While her teachers went on quarantine, home self-isolation, and re-swabbing, she thinks she is Covid-free.
Prior to the mass testing, she spearheaded a parade of costumes in school that included community singing and dancing. This despite contradiction from her staff who pointed out that no gatherings should take place in the current virus climate.
The school head’s penchant for spectacles has put many at risk. Most contestants at the gathering did not wear masks and a single microphone was used. The school head and her assistant were also observed to be lax with their masks off at some point during the occasion.
Despite opposition from teachers, she required them to be at the auditorium as spectators. In a memorandum, she required one teacher from each department to attend as audience, then increased it to three teachers. Later, through their group chat, she called for more teachers to proceed to the venue to watch.
The number of teachers who have acquired the virus is increasing up to now. Employees are mad the school head does not feel accountable by not apologizing and by attributing cases to teachers’ exposure to parents during conduct of module distribution. While this may be true, the face-to-face gatherings she frequently initiates in school may have also amplified the problem.
Reports from health authorities have given us a glimpse of how quickly the virus spreads. However, it is clear that no matter how sound public health recommendations are, these are rendered useless if the public will not adhere to it.
Reducing the spread and severity of this pandemic is not the sole responsibility of medical authorities. Health protocol campaigns will all be in vain if we continue to be non-cooperative. It is important to realize that one person can make a difference. — NAME WITHHELD, Baguio City

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