June 5, 2023

Putting our gallant soldiers in a bad light

This has reference to the module of grade two pupils in Baguio City that went viral in social media recently because of offensive pictures about soldiers in the community. As depicted in the module, there is a community of soldiers drinking, wounding, and pointing weapons at civilians and stealing chickens.
I asked myself, what kind of message that our educators are trying to convey to the pupils? The activity in the module is to cross out the ones in the picture that are unpleasant or not good to do in a community. Can’t they think of another picture or scene that suit the objectives of the lesson they want to impart? Such images should not be instilled in young minds.
It is an insult to a good soldier who does his job well. It’s not fair. As an average citizen, I witnessed a lot of good things done by the soldiers in the communities such as the activities in Bayanihan and Brigada Eskwela.
Why not help children understand that their lives and their freedom are the result of the sacrifices made by the soldiers? Let us shape them to be truly patriotic and tell them about the good things that soldiers have done in the community, their devotion, loyalty, and sacrifices for our country. Let us teach the children to appreciate the job of soldiers.
I hope this misrepresentation of our gallant soldiers will not be repeated. — LYZA A. FELIPE, Bontoc, Mountain Province

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