April 2, 2023

The importance of PTA in honing learners

Parents play a crucial role in the development of their children. Teachers, on the other hand, act as support group of parents.
Department of Education Order 54, s. 2009, provides that the Parents-Teachers Association shall be a significant partner of the school whose relationship shall be defined by cooperative and open dialogue to promote the welfare of learners.
The PTA, as a support group and as a significant partner of the school in the development of an ideal school community, lays the ground work of good governance, volunteerism, unity, and cooperation. It also provides the forum for the discussion of issues and their solutions relative to the total school program and it ensures the full cooperation of parents in the efficient implementation of PTA-related programs, projects, and activities.
The PTA fosters partnership between the school and the home, and helps to build this sense of community. It serves as a channel of communication to the administration concerning a variety of issues from classroom and curriculum issues.
Each school holds a parents’ orientation at the beginning of the school year and the PTA helps the different schools welcome new as well as returning families.
As the DepEd prepares for a new normal in education, the important role of parents and guardians in making sure that the learning of their children will continue amid expected disruptions takes center stage. While the Learning Continuity Plan will provide a framework on learning continuity of students, the cooperation and support coming from parents is important as the entire basic education system braces for the new normal.
With the advent of new normal in education, the role of the parents especially on an online platform is even more apparent, relevant, and huge, especially so if online learning will be used. There are several considerations that would require parents’ participation and involvement such as the facilities to be used, gadgets, and Internet connection. The important part in learning is the follow-up because after the children are exposed to online learning or whatever learning modality, the next aspect is follow-up on how the learner has performed after the online and offline interaction.
Competence does not happen in a vacuum but it is honed. Hence, PTA officers need to be exposed to various teaching concepts and models to give them a broader outlook and positive views in executing their roles as partners in educating learners at home.
For them to hone their teaching and facilitating skills, continuous training and coaching from DepEd is necessary in order for them to widen understanding and appreciation of their important roles as mentors and teachers at home, to be more competent and responsive in handling teaching and learning episodes with their children and to harness the PTA as partner in home education and achieving quality education amid pandemic in the total school community. Hence, the Cordilleran Parents’ Academy.
The Regional Federation of Parents-Teachers Association Officers was also organized and the election of officers on Aug. 6.
The newly elected officers of the association took their oath of office before the DepEd-CAR Director May Eclar.
Thanks to all those who participated during the Convergence for the Cordilleran Parents’ Academy conducted by the Human Resource Development Division of DepEd-CAR. The convergence was in collaboration with the other divisions of the regional office. — CRESENCIO T. GAMAY, regional partnership coordinator

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