March 24, 2023

Reopening of tourism in Baguio

In a move to gradually reopen the tourism industry, Baguio will open its borders to tourists from Region 1 on Oct.1 with the signing of a memorandum of understanding among officials concerned.
The guidelines like booking with travel and tour agencies, undergoing Covid-19 tests before entering the city, being monitored of their itinerary in the city, not allowed to stay with friends or relatives from the city but in hotels for lodging, and with limited attractions to show, are restrictive and could not lure tourists to come to Baguio
Tourism is being in touch with nature by viewing a captivating landscape of indigenous (native) plants or magnificent sites that portray the identity of a place that are appreciated and have lasting memories. It also means socializing with people in the place to gain wholesome friendship and appreciate the culture and traditions therein.
Tourists should be allowed to move freely so they can contribute to the economy, and to find relief from the coronavirus stress. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City

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