March 28, 2023

Reaching out to the remaining rebels

As an ordinary citizen in a remote community in the Cordillera, I am delighted that more and more members of the communist organization are returning to the folds of the law. There is a gleam of hope that one day, or sooner, the conflict between our friends on the other side and government will come to an end in a peaceful way.
Just this September, a top leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army operating in the Cordillera and Ilocos Region has surrendered in Bontoc, Mountain Province. The government appreciated his move and called it a brave act.
His submission to the government is a sign to other members of the CPP-NPA. If a top leader can do it, why can’t the others who are in the lower rank of the organization?
I hope the story of Ka Digbay, being the leader of the underground movement, will motivate other members not only in the Cordillera, but all throughout the country to follow suit. His bravest act will surely lead him to a better tomorrow.
For peace loving citizens, let us not cease in our effort. Let us help our friends to come back to our community and live a normal life, because nowadays, the duty of reaching out to the remaining rebels is not only the responsibility of the soldiers and the police. Everyone should do his/her part – the government officials, ordinary citizens, communities and even former rebels. If all of us will call, who knows, they will heed and courageously embrace the government.
This call may hopefully reach the remaining rebels so that they will finally join the government and be with their families. — JANINE A. MARTIN, Tadian, Mountain Province

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