March 27, 2023

A member’s ordeal on delayed payments of SSS/PagIbig contributions

Since the start of Luzon-wide lockdown, we stopped working and whatever savings we have was already wiped out.
So, I ran to the offices of Social Security System and PagIbig to file for salary calamity loan and has endured the long queue but when it was my turn, the staff of PagIbig has informed me that my membership was inactive, and my loan contributions was not paid for months.
I also tried to file for a salary loan at SSS only to find out that my contributions and payments was also not paid. The painful thing is this is due to the delayed payments of our bookkeeper and delayed posting by PagIbig and SSS encoders.
We are being charged with penalty and interest. In my observation towards the staff worker, I don’t think they are always over-burdened with their workload and do not have time to check or monitor the payment contributions of the members paying regularly in their company, with over 100 employees of Jackson So Group of Companies are deducting their monthly contributions.
Why haven’t they noticed immediately in their system that these employees have in-active contributions? I kept going back to their office but I think nobody noticed it.
My landlady is knocking on our door demanding for the payment of our overdue rent while telling other tenants that I still didn’t pay my rent. It’s embarrassing and it hurts but this shouldn’t have happened if everybody is efficient on their jobs.
I let them process my loans at Pag-Ibig/SSS even though I still have three months payment. I don’t know if my contributions were paid but it was not reported or posted.
To the personnel of SSS/PagIbig, maybe you should assign somebody to check everything to avoid this inconvenience for your members because after all we are the reason why you are there.
To the employees of companies in Baguio whose bookkeeping is being handled by a certain Ms. Jona, whose office is located along Kayang Street, you better check your files and contributions. — TESSE DICTAG, Baguio City

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