March 24, 2023

On dividers and face shields prescriptions

We all know the importance of protecting ourselves from the Covid-19 infection, but the mandatory placement of dividers between couples who ride on motorcycles even though they have helmets and face masks as they go to find a living and the requirement of wearing a face shield by millions of commuters and dividers in public transport vehicles starting Aug. 15 despite the wearing of face masks and placement of plastic cubicles inside the vehicles seems absurd.
Anyone could have an impression that these prescriptions are fraudulent schemes at the expense of the public who stretch their financial resources only for essential things.
Imposing unnecessary things that are inconvenient to the public and entail added costs will further strangle the lives of many Filipinos during this pandemic.
Instead, in the transportation sector, how about strictly enforcing the Anti-Smoke Belching Law? Air pollution is terrible that destroys the environment and suffocates people to become weak and prone to disease infection.
Leaders should think of sensible things to do and be sensitive to the felt health, food, economic, and spiritual needs of the struggling Filipinos. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City

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