December 7, 2023

Roadmap against COVID-19 needed

Prior to the State of the Nation Address, Malacañang has announced the President will highlight a Covid-19 pandemic containment and recovery roadmap which drew public enthusiasm.
But although assistance given was mentioned, a specific, doable, systematic, effective blueprint with targets and timelines against the Covid-19 pandemic was not outlined in the 5th SONA, leaving us with a situation where the pandemic has no end in sight.
Virus cases keep on increasing – when will we ever have relief from this distress?
Lockdowns are being enforced whenever a resident is tested positive of the virus and there are instances that the patient, instead of being brought to the designated isolation center, is allowed to stay home and have self quarantine, which is risky since the disease will spread throughout the community and worsen the situation.
Among the diseases, the viral infection has no known cure at the moment.
Although there are virus testing establishments, having a virology laboratory or institute to identify, characterize, and develop control measures could be a wise move to ensure us with sustainable disease protection instead of relying from the efforts of other citizens. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City