December 8, 2023

People’s initiative to reopen ABS-CBN

The non-renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise is deplorable thing to happen.
This congressional action is not beneficial to the public and the government.
The recent Social Weather Station survey shows that 75 percent of Filipinos would like a new franchise for ABS-CBN, to imply that it is a worthy broadcast outfit.
The giant media broadcast station deserves to continue operating since it has been employing thousands of people, delivering news and entertainment, giving assistance during calamities, donating school supplies, and remitting taxes to the government in substantial amounts.
At this time of uncertainties, the broadcast network is needed to provide information and stir action against the pandemic that is threatening our lives. It could also be of great help to the online learning of students when classes start.
What could be done is to have a people’s initiative to reopen ABS-CBN, a frontline service provider. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City