July 15, 2024

Deny South Korean proposal at Strawberry Field

May we request the Benguet State University administration to reject the proposal of Agro-Solution Korean Co. Ltd. to establish 30 greenhouses on 3.2 hectares of the Strawberry Field as it would displace many farmer- lessees, employees, and students cultivating therein.
Why entertain the business interest of a foreigner over that of the academe?
It would be best for BSU to revive and enhance the vocational agriculture curriculum where students of the university are assigned an area to cultivate individually in partnership with their parents or guardians.
In this, students are not only taught how to produce vegetables and strawberries but also bookkeeping and a sharing arrangement between the students and the school is done out of the net profit. An administration production project is also maintained where all students participate.
I have been a student and a vocational agriculture instructor of BSU and thousands of self-supporting students were able to finance their education by tilling the strawberry fields.
The BSU alumni in agriculture could also be accommodated to engage in production if space is available.
It would be admirable to see BSU itself cultivate its land rather than having it leased to demonstrate that agriculture is a profitable enterprise which is contributing to food security and to uphold its identity as a premier agriculture-based university. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City