July 19, 2024

Revisiting the gains of 1986 People Power revolution

Do the generation of today still care about the 1986 People Power Revolution? Do they still celebrate it like in the past decades? Is it still considered an important event for the youth? Is people power still in the hearts and minds of the Filipino people?
Feb. 25 is an important date especially to those who witnessed the People Power Revolution in 1986. It is the biggest revolution in history without a single bullet fired. It is also the time when the Philippines has exercised its freedom and fought for democracy.
But, does the event really fought for our democracy against a regime? Or, is it only a cover- up of those behind the bloodless revolution? That they only want to introduce another form of government which is the communist-inspired government rather than a democratic government?
Many presidents have passed but still the same old problems and issues are being raised by the people who want “real change”.
The real intention of the People Power Revolution is to value and protect democratic rights of every Filipino, but in our case today, I don’t think it is being pursued because there are people who want to destroy democracy. Nobody seems to recognize the true essence of people power, anymore.
Being democratic, Filipinos can still express their wishes in a democratic manner. We, Filipinos, can still voice out our opinions freely especially in social media. What kind of democracy do we really want? The democracy to destroy the government and have no respect for our constitution? — MARION O. SANTOS, Casiguran, Aurora