September 30, 2023

Massive rejection, not massive vote shaving

This has reference to the claims of the Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front that Bayan Muna party-list’s monumental loss in the 2022 elections may have been caused by what it fancifully calls “massive vote shaving”.
Bayan Muna’s loss is considered by the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict as a massive rejection by Filipino voters, who now know the people behind the party-list. Bayan Muna officials, who are allies of the CPP-NDF, use government resources to destroy government and use our democratic institutions to destroy our democracy.
Their loss of about one million votes in the 2019 elections and 215,981 votes in the recently concluded polls can be attributed to their loss of support from the people in the countryside where scores of our countrymen have turned their backs on them after finally feeling the services of government.
Over the decades, the CPP-NDF and its armed wing New People’s Army have been using poverty and supposed lack of government services to lure people in the countryside to join the armed struggle.
Indeed, at the very core of the NTF-Elcac is good governance and this is our President’s marching orders: “If you want this communist terrorist scourge to end, there are only two words here: good governance.” And so, this has been NTF-Elcac’s guiding light.
The Filipino people and the government that serves them have made good the social contract that exists between them and have become formidable in the face of this terrorist scourge that has brought death and destruction to the motherland.
The recently concluded elections will go down in Philippine history as the cleanest, most credible elections thus far and this will be etched in our country’s collective memory as one of the long-term gifts the Duterte government gave us. — NTF-ELCAC SOCIAL MEDIA AFFAIRS AND SECTORAL CONCERNS