October 2, 2023

Secure the people’s will and our democracy

The Filipino people made a clear decision during the May 9 presidential elections.
The Marcos-Duterte tandem earned an overwhelming support from the majority of the Filipino voters, and therefore set to lead the next administration.
But instead of looking forward for them to start carrying out what they promised to the Filipino people during their months of campaigning, some groups refused to recognize their victory and spread allegations of election fraud.
Some of these groups earlier linked to the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front, went to the streets a day after the elections to protest and spread allegations of poll fraud in their desperate attempt to sabotage the integrity and sanctity of the recently-held elections.
While some of these groups pride themselves as protectors of democracy, it is unfortunate they are the first ones to dishonor and question the outcome of a democratic process.
They do not realize it is the decision of the majority of the Filipino voters which they are suppressing, therefore hurting the democracy they are claiming to fight for.
They even came up with the call for students to walk out from their classes during the new Marcos administration, therefore, jeopardizing the future of the supposed “future of the nation”.
This is not a new tactic of these agitators who have done nothing but instigate chaos every time a new administration is installed.
Majority of the fellow Filipinos have decided and that should be respected because this is what democracy is all about.
My I call my fellow Cordillerans not to heed, or even entertain calls to join mass actions that threaten our peace. In no way can we help our government move forward if we join mass actions against the government and chosen leaders instead of helping find and deliver solutions to the concerns besetting our country and people.
I urge everyone to cooperate with the government because that is our social and moral obligation as citizens. May peace and prosperity reign. — AUREA ANNABLE GALLAO, spokesperson, Movement of United Mothers Against Terrorism