December 4, 2022

Vote for a worthy party-list in the May 2022 elections

In the next local and national elections in May, 178 party-list groups are vying for seats in Congress, and which ones deserve our vote? As stated in the 1987 Constitution, party-list groups were allowed to participate in the legislative process to give a voice and represent the marginalized and under-represented sectors.
This is the essence of a representative government and the intent is clear.
However, it is so despicable that this life-changing purpose of party-lists seems to have been used for self-interests and sinister intentions of political candidates or groups that they have been involved in controversy and ambiguity.
One of the issues concerning these elected party-lists are their alleged connection to the enemy of the state and worse, they even went the extra mile to block the enactment of bills that clearly support peace and development. Isn’t it like a slap on our face as voters that we have been so insensible and elected a party-list that we are uncertain of its purpose and that could threaten our national security and well-being?
This is why, as voters, we should not look at the party-list representation lightly, because besides being the best hope to fulfil the needs and address the concerns of the neglected marginalized sectors of the country, they can also play an important role in fostering peace and development.
The challenge for us in the next election is to be critical and not to vote for a party-list based on its popularity but on its background and clear intentions. Let us wisely cast our votes to a worthy party-list that will take care of our freedom and democracy. — MARIZ LAGMAY, Kalinga

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