December 7, 2022

Wake up, BSU

The Benguet State University was flagged by the Commission on Audit as among the state universities and colleges with poor performance in licensure examinations as published by the Philippine Star in its Dec. 31, 2021 issue.
The outcome of an evaluation is an indicator of teaching competence and student absorbidity on what is taught.
With a vision of being a premier university delivering world class education and mission of providing, delivering quality education, the public asks, has BSU deteriorated after 105 years of existence rather than moving forward?
Instead of opening a College of Medicine which is expensive to sustain, a tough field, and out of the service identity of BSU, the university should concentrate on improving and enhancing its academic services in its existing eight colleges in Agriculture, Home Economics, Arts and Sciences, Teacher Education, Engineering, Forestry, Veterinary Medicine, and Nursing.
It is not having numerous degree programs that count but with relevant ones that can be fully supported that matters and to excel. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City

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