July 19, 2024

Filipino great Andres Bonifacio has been a model of courage and heroism for many youths, having fought for the country against the Spanish rulers at a young age. His story depicts how the aggressive youth can effect change.
His life story is an inspiration for young Filipinos who long to be brave and rise above all challenges.
However, his story of courage has been corrupted by groups under the National Democratic Front by using Bonifacio’s fight for freedom from the Spaniards to agitate the youth and the students to go against the government. To instill some sense of legitimacy for their rebellious activities, these groups even coincided their founding anniversary with the commemoration of the Bonifacio Day.
With so many testimonies from former youth activists turned rebels and later surrender, we should all know by now how these groups fool our youth and students into believing that joining anti-government protests is for a good cause and for the love of country.
This is only a start of the long and deceptive recruitment process to join the underground movement and its political allies, whose objective is to topple down our government using violence. They later justify their horrific acts by saying this is how they should honor the country and such acts are for noble causes similar to that of Bonifacio.
Feeding the youth to violent acts is never noble and is likely never part of the cause fought for by Bonifacio. By doing such, they are tarnishing the image of our hero.
Bear in mind that overthrowing a government through violent means is never equated to love of country because it plunges the nation to misery. Instead, we can show our love for the country if we make ourselves productive and help in attaining progress. — MIKAEL SORIANO, youth representative, Nagkakaisang Samahan para sa Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran