June 4, 2023

Stop smuggling or importation of vegetables from China

The vegetable industry is again threatened by smuggling or importation of temperate vegetables from China.
What has the provincial government of Benguet done to stop the entry of vegetables which are abundantly produced by farmers in the locality?
Aside from Benguet, other towns of Mountain Province and Ifugao also produce temperate vegetables.
Carrots which are slender and pale orange, flat-head yellowish cabbages, and warbled potatoes with discolored skin are cheaply sold in Metro Manila, Cebu, nearby cities and provinces, and in trading posts in the locality.
These vegetables lack nutrients and are dipped in preservatives like formaldehyde to prolong shelf life but are hazardous to health.
It is time we seek help from the Department of Agriculture not to issue import permits of vegetables; for the Bureau of Customs to inspect presence of smuggled items; for the Philippine National Police to confiscate illegally sold commodities; and for us to urge the public not to buy them.
Let us protect the vegetable industry which is the primary livelihood of the locality against smuggling and importation. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, La Trinidad, Benguet

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