September 29, 2023

Give me liberty, or give me death

It has been more than 16 months since the World Health Organization declared a Covid-19 pandemic.
The SARS-CoV2 placed our lives in danger and disarray. We were kept at the mercy of this deadly virus as millions died, got sick or were disabled. Operations of governments slowed down and their growth rates greatly setback.
But Mother Earth took a rest from man’s exploitation of its resources. Somehow, people stopped and thought about the purpose of their existence; others prayed to God Almighty for the end of the crisis; others continued with their worldly activities and became creative, ingenious and innovative for their economic survival, considering the health and safety protocols imposed in different tiers, levels or grade by governments depending on their peoples’ responses and the infection rates resulting therefrom.
Thank God that in just more than a year, vaccines to immunize us from this deadly virus were developed and are now available, although they are still on the WHO’s emergency use listing. The uneven distribution of the vaccines worldwide is a problem, even as there are many people who are not convinced that vaccination is not a solution.
My first jab of Pfizer vaccine was in the last week of January and the second one, three weeks later. I was then on vacation in California where we flew from Geneva via Zurich, Switzerland. — DEL CLARAVALL, United States