July 14, 2024

Circumstantially fictional

This has reference to a column published on July 4, 2021 titled: “Those who do not want to be vaccinated are traitors.”
The author claimed that nameless health experts said the only way to protect ourselves against the Covid-19 is through vaccination – is this true?
First, what is a vaccine? A vaccine stimulates the body’s immune response against a specific infectious agent or disease.
Vaccines are stimulus. In the end, your immune system is what protects you. So, would boosting the immune system, by proper eating, sleeping, and exercising, play a role in protecting us too?
Now, are people with allergies to vaccine ingredients (therefore refuse it) traitors, like the author suggests? Are people below 18 who refuse the vaccine because the World Health Organization does not recommend it for their age group traitors? Are people who already survived Covid-19 who refuse to get the vaccine traitors too?
A recent study at Cleveland Clinic found that people who had Covid-19 are not likely to benefit from vaccination because they acquired immunity from their infection.
A lot of misinformation or disinformation is being circulated on social media that even seasoned journalists make mistakes and misinform.
Last year, mainstream media and columnists would report you as fake news-conspiracy-theorist for hypothesizing that Covid-19 came from a laboratory. Now, those same media outlets admit the possibility of a lab leak.
Biology expert Brett Weinstein stated there’s a 90 percent chance that this virus came from a lab.
Most people assume Covid-19 vaccines function similarly to legacyones. Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology inventor Robert Malone stated that these vaccines are new and more akin to gene therapy.
Former Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon has said that mass vaccination could lead to great complications in the future. Do realize that these experts, being highly qualified individuals on this topic, have safety concerns about the Covid-19 vaccines. Should not we have an open mind and also listen to these experts? Not just the mainstream-endorsed, narrative-driven experts, but all of them.
Herd immunity can be conferred through natural immunity, previous exposure to the disease, or vaccination.
Why are people coerced to believe that only the latter is viable – despite millennia of human survival without it?
People should not try to intentionally infect themselves, which is dangerous; however, shouldn’t recovered people and young people be able to refuse so that those in real need of the vaccine could get it?
Stating that everyone who refuses to get vaccinated is a traitor comes from a place of ignorance, stupidity, selfishness, and fear. — HONORARY PROF. CHATNOIR, Baguio City