July 17, 2024

Explanation needed on electric and gigantic concrete posts

Visible on both sides of the Halsema Highway from the city limit at Km. 3 to Poblacion, La Trinidad, Benguet are more than 200 electric posts installed a few years ago which were intended to light up the entire stretch of the highway in the capital town.
Unfortunately, up to this day the erected electric posts remain unused and non-functional.
Also, at Km. 5 near the public market and at the intersection going to Pico are three gigantic concrete posts meant for a pedestrian overpass which have been left to the elements.
As a resident of La Trinidad, I wonder whatever happened to these multi-million public works projects.
May we request for an explanation from the Office of the District Engineer, Benguet Engineering I at Wangal, La Trinidad.
Without a public explanation from the concerned office, the more than 200 electric posts and three giant concrete posts will just remain as monuments of folly and symbols of inefficiency to the prejudice of the residents of the capital town. — AGA K. BOLISLIS, La Trinidad, Benguet