January 29, 2023

An open letter to La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda

Last month, we wrote an open letter through the Baguio Midland Courier informing your good office of an ongoing illegal construction of a two-story structure within a contested lot located near the border checkpoint in Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet.
First, a fence mostly made of wooden materials and galvanized iron sheets were introduced at the height of the pandemic late last year without a fencing permit issued by the Municipal Engineer’s Office (MEO), which is in violation of the National Building Code and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.
Second, a two-story structure made of concrete, iron, and GI sheets was also erected inside the lot subject of adverse claims even without a building permit, which is also in violation of the law.
We understand that the MEO has issued notices of violation on the illegal fence and structure within the contested property, but construction activities continued. Illegal activities can hardly be noticed by the public due to the towering fence.
A recent photograph taken from the site, which is attached in this letter, showed that the two-story structure is already nearing completion.
Video clips of a crew working inside the fenced property after the MEO has issued a notice of violation are also available should your office wants copies of the same.
It is clear that those behind these illegal activities continue to ignore lawful orders from the local government unit, which would warrant appropriate action from your office so that all activities within the area would be stopped and these structures be subjected to demolition in accordance to existing laws.
We urged your good office to act as this matter is a public concern even if this involves a private property. It would set a bad precedent if private lot owners introduce fences and structures within their properties without obtaining the permits from the LGU.
We believe that no LGU would allow individuals or groups to openly violate the National Building Code and other lawful orders within its jurisdiction. — NAME WITHHELD

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