December 8, 2023

Government must intensify COVID-19 response

Our country has been in community quarantine for 13 months now – too long to be in lockdown and people are suffering.
Despite the stringent protocols imposed, infection cases keep on increasing reaching the one million mark instead of being reduced because the Covid-19 response seems slow and ineffective.
There is a need to redirect efforts in containing the infection. Testing, in coordination with the barangays, should be ramped up in a house-to-house manner and those who test positive must be immediately isolated and treated.
Although two million vaccines have been received in the past two months, the government has yet to fully administer them because of technicalities and hesitancy in vaccination.
There ought to be an intensified vaccination campaign to boost public confidence in being inoculated and to look for people who need to be vaccinated instead of waiting for them to register.
The virgin coconut oil and lagundi derivative as natural food supplements could be commercialized to gain immunity against the virus. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City