December 8, 2023

I speak on behalf of the 235 active members of the two cooperatives and two corporations that passed the rigid series of selections and evaluations conducted by Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board for the issuance of certificate of public convenience (CPC).
One of the requirements for one to apply for a CPC is to be a member of a cooperative or corporation.
As early as June 2018, numerous transport groups have organized themselves into cooperatives and corporations. This is also in preparation for the PUV Modernization Program of the government.
Meticulous requirements for the grant of CPC are technical, legal, and the most rigid is the financial requirement wherein a cooperative must come up with 50 taxi units equipped with online digital platform.
There were four groups that qualified as they have complied with the three basic requirements. The four groups have to come up with a total of 200 taxi units.
Under Memorandum Circular 2019-016, these 200 units will fill-in the gap of public need for taxi service in Baguio caused by abandonment, expiration and cancellation of some 183 or more units as early as 2012 to 2017.
As members of the coop, we have to contribute, pooled resources, and come up with millions to help the government provide taxi service to commuters of Baguio; La Trinidad, Benguet; and the rest of the Cordillera. Some members loaned from the banks while others withdrew their savings and pensions and some borrowed from their relatives with interest, thus in August 2019, 50 taxi units per coop/corporation were purchased.
At present, the 200 taxis fully equipped with online platform and marked with the name of the coop, have remained idle.
One reason why these taxis are just idle is that there are oppositors who argue these units will cause heavy traffic in the city. No sirs and mesdames, if only you can leave the comforts of your private cars and try to commute from the places of work to your respective residences, you will know that it will take you around 15 to 20 minutes to wait for a taxi. It is the private cars which are running the streets today.
To our beloved city mayor and members of the city council, we come to you with humility, sincerity, and respect to ask for help.
We, persistently and obediently followed all the memorandum circulars of the government agency tasked to ensure that the public is provided with safe and comfortable public transportation system.
According to their records, the 200 taxi units are not additional but are replacements of the 183 taxi units which have been abandoned, cancelled, and/or expired.
For LTFRB, we ask you to enforce your MCs most especially MC 2019-016.
We have obeyed, believed, and respected you all the way, we never corrupted you. If you honestly believe that you are on the right track and your mandate is to serve the public then stand for them. There is nothing to fear.
While settling the supposed misunderstanding among stakeholders, please allow the operation of those 200 taxis to service the commuters in our city.
Residents and tourists are in need of efficient transportation badly.
I am a senior citizen and I commute every day for work. I have to stand long in the streets to wait for a taxi. (VICTORIA B. PABLITO)