March 27, 2023

THE NABALOI ELDERS – Long before.. and this Time, who often make use of this comment, say it candidly in their own language: Sifa mango’y eshom ja itinengan jo? Or, simply: Sifa mango’y eshom?
EXPRESSED VIA THE Western mind, they’re saying close to: ‘Who else do you plan, intend, like, etc., to listen to or learn from , when:
‘WE’RE HERE – AVAILABLE, ever-concerned, and true enough – to guide you in your journeys in life?’ And perhaps latently, they’re also saying some, or any of these:
[‘DO YOU PREFER “other people”? – more labeled, learned than us? Have you forgotten to look back where you came from? Do you prefer the new gadgets and inventions that now flood us so?.. or, you’ll come consulting us.. just the same – whether you attain or not your needed impetus.. when all else shall have been dissipated? Always remember: we’re just here for you.. we’re behind your every move.. as your Elders, we wish you but the bests! Go then, te ngarud’)!
“AND DON’T THIS generation respond to your Who else?s But if some of them do, how do you rate their ‘reception’? Do you perceive.. or foresee indications forthcoming that they’ll listen to you.. seek your unconditional guidance.. in time?” et cetera xxx [I asked them and related (xxx) questions.. in my interviews and/or informal Conversations with many of them, viz. the Nabaloi Elders. And I got kind answers and assessments. Let me summarize and share you their foremosts].
AS OF THIS Time, the Elders are, in general: apprehensive and worrying (– but not worried’ because).. though at times they’re taken aback by the displays of: ‘rat race’, ‘dog-eat-dog interactions’, ‘wanton display of individual freedom-and-liberation, etc., by their younger, ‘influenced’ or affected Generation, they’re still hopeful and optimistic: many – if not most, of said Generation shall come to their Senses and listen to them – their Elders, who shower them with love, guidance, and (traditional) learnings, Bilibilin or Kowa kowan. Though against: in Contemporary context, the Elders are almost spent with the following Adversities – to tame or conquer, among their young, to wit: First,
THE EHMAN SOBBEG. =int (equals by interpretation) “murmuring against – in lowest tones”. The Elder – or Elders are saying (or said) something and the Ehman Sobbeg is also whispering to him/herself something.
IS SHE OBECTING, REACTING, etc., to what was said to her by the Elder(s)? How can you know.. the words are in lowest tones! But you can still decipher – via her eyes and other gesticulations: Ah-ha Ehman Sobbeg! Second,
THE EHMAN KHUTTOT. =int, “murmuring vehemently against..” [some sounds or words of hers audible, but yet indistinct]. Yes, but
“WHAT IS SHE really saying? Is she angry at my words; or with us advising her; or, about this situation – ‘awkward’ to her that she’s being cautioned in Public?” [You ask this if you’re the Elder.. or one of the Elders, and the Ehman Khuttot received counsel a while back]. Third,
THE EG MAYTOSHAYAN. =int, “cannot be directed, ordered, coached, etc. he appears to have his own rules, principles, ways of dealing with things, and so on.
“HE USUALLY SAYS, Yes!, to every point you’re stressing on him – even punctuating each Yes! of his.. with a snappy nod.. but after walking a few yards – or meters from you, he goes like:
“WHAT DID HE (Elder) say again? But am I supposed to believe – or tow the line, always? I have my own reasons for.. etc. Well, let me see: if it works..” [and sometimes ending with a:] “Come on, man. Don’t be overbent by them Elders. Resist, improve, or innovate.. if you must! In this Age, some ‘theories’ must be bracketed, or discarded.. if need be! “Fourth,
THE BINADDO (OPPOSITE) of the Binajag). =int “always for things “new” or “current”, over the “old” or “traditional”.
HIS ADAGE WOULD be: “All things now or “new”- are “improvements” or “perfecting versions(!) of the original”. [But, is it.. really that basic and simple?
[ERGO, WE HAD better get away from any semblance of the outmodelled Past, or, things of the Past]? But, stop a while and think about it:
ARE NOT THE Elders our living evidences of the Past? And things we learn from them are ‘things of the Past’ – Partly or mostly? Are we expurgating ourselves from the Past – for better? or, for worse? Fifth,
THE MAXEDSEL. =INT , “vacillating between concord and enmity; or otherwise playing sport or ‘game’ with any or some of these state-of-deliberate-responses: ‘obedient or defiant’; but also changeable unpatternedly and therefore, dangerous.
HE MAY FULFILL (or break!) what he agreed with you.. or he may abandon it anytime, and without: care, worries, or qualms. And so
IF THE ELDER – or Elders are constantly met with these ‘Adversities’ given or exhibited to them by many in this Generation, we couldn’t blame them for saying:
SIFA MANGO’Y ESHOM ja itenengan jo? Or, in English: “who else ( the way) do you intend to listen to?” Ayuhh!