July 15, 2024

Only God can stop a woman. And when that woman is stopped from being a woman, our society will inevitably crumble before us.
Women – the oasis of this chaotic world. They give birth to hope. However, they can also be the ticking bomb of destruction when provoked. A wife who lost her husband can assume both a mother and a father figure to her child or children, but a husband losing his wife cannot imitate a mother’s touch. A working mother, even with few hours of sleep, still wakes up at 5 a.m. to make breakfast and prepare her loved ones to school and work. Then, she rushes to attend to her work while thinking of grooming the house in the afternoon and reducing the pile of dirty clothes in the clothes rack. Wife duties may also occur before they hit the sack.
Women – the unsung achievers. But thanks to Hidilyn Diaz, Lydia de Vega and other renowned Filipina women, gone are the days of the macho men and now is the time to embrace macho women. Let us not also forget how many fragile lives saved were by Dr. Fe del Mundo who founded the first pediatric hospital in the country. What’s more, she pioneered the idea of using bamboo as an incubator to be used in rural areas where electricity was inaccessible.
Women – epitome of resilient human beings. Can we blame married women who choose to keep their families despite the cruel hands of their husbands? Or those who fight back only deserve our applause? Can we say “stupid” to rape victims who decided to keep the life in their womb as an aftermath of their being violated? We see lady drivers and often have second thoughts whether to trust our lives with their driving. Do we feel shortchanged if we accept female construction workers to build our house? Is the degree of safety and security when men in uniform are in patrol the same as compared to the women? Despite these, women ignore the pain. Women overlook the discrimination. Women endure the sharp tongues of those who live in this alpha male society. Women do not only think of their survival but also the lives of those around them.
Women deserve equity apart from equality. Women indeed are born with weaker physical strength; nevertheless, their body is prepared to keep a life and nurture it until it voluntarily weans itself. Women shed their tears easily, but readily flash their sweetest smiles after surviving from a heartbreak. Women may spend a quarter of their salary for make-ups and the trendiest items but who does not want to pamper oneself and express self-love? Women may be our 24/7 broadcasters of what’s hot but who dares to listen to your sentiments and tedious stories with all their heart?
It is us women, and this uniqueness has led us to our stories – may they be of failures or success. One thing is for sure. Women can outlast men.