March 24, 2023

The stench of horse dung and urine at Wright Park will be addressed once the development of Wright Park has been completed, according to city officials.  
The development projects at Wright Park include the construction of a P50-million structure that is part horse station, part crafts hub which will accommodate 32 pony stalls and a veterinary clinic for the horses on the ground floor in preparation for the plan of the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office to specialize in horse care.
The upper ground floor will house 92 craft shops while the basement will be a parking facility with 40 parking slots.
In a forum with the city council last Feb. 6, City Planning and Development Coordinator Arch. Donna Tabangin, City Environment and Parks Management Asst. Officer Marivic Empizo, and City Administrator Bonifacio dela Peña affirmed a waste disposal system had been incorporated into the master redevelopment plan of Wright Park prepared by the city government.
The integration of a waste disposal system into the plan will eventually address issues on hygiene arising from the waste of horses.
Aside from the P50-M structure, a dining hub with a budget of P30M will also be constructed at Wright Park. It is a two-story structure with a half-way basement to be used as a parking facility with 10 slots. The first floor will house 30 2×2 meter food stalls. The second floor will have a multipurpose hall and an art bank to be used by the artists in the city to store and display their artwork.
The construction of the two buildings is a joint project of the city government and the Department of Public Works and Highways.
Last Jan. 16, the city council passed a resolution confirming the memorandum of agreement entered into between Mayor Benjamin Magalong and the DPWH for the implementation of the two projects.
The funds for the project were included in the approved 2022 budget of the DPWH. 
Also included in the master plan is the ongoing P20-M rehabilitation of the Wright Park oval. – Jordan G. Habbiling