July 21, 2024

I would think that because of the modernization and liberalization in the way people the world over think, spirituality and religiosity are dead virtues.
This new millennium has propagated a new breed of generation who only cares for material things and are only concerned about how they look and how they accomplish their ambitions. They have gained a measure of independence that they are of the opinion that they can achieve their goals and aspirations on their own without the need for God to help them.
Take a look at our churches. The number of people attending mass is dwindling and those who constantly attend are the elders who have learned to pin their hopes and their future on God.
As far as the new generation is concerned, rites and rituals are not necessary to obtain salvation so long as there is goodness and kindness in their heart. Faith is no longer the essence of belief as it interferes with the daily grind of their existence. The Bible is no longer the most read book, but rather a mere artifact in every home’s library.
Such a pity because it is in the teaching of the Bible that we uphold and maintain morality. It is the word of God that our actions are guided accordingly. It is the basic instruction toward health and happiness.
Yet, materiality and self-centeredness have taken the better of God’s guidance. The result is a society that has become promiscuous, prevalent, liberated, and rebellious. The sinfulness of man is so obvious that one religious teacher observed that it is worse than the time of Noah.
And, mind you, it was the people’s sinfulness that prompted the Lord to wipe out mankind leaving only Noah, his family, and animals paired to start anew.
Hence, more than ever, the celebration of this year’s version of the Holy Week becomes significant. People need to sincerely renew their faith. People need to confess their sins and be instruments of Christianity.
There is no room for idle talk. Goodness is not enough to save our soul. Only faith can. And since faith is founded on the sacrifice, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have to put our trust in Him.
Take the time to reflect on this during the Holy Week.