December 6, 2022

Jayson Zonio and Angelie Caballo topped the elite 42-kilometer (42K) category of the Itogonia Mountain Marathon held in Itogon, Benguet on Nov. 6.

Zonio finished the race in five hours, 50 minutes, and 58 se-conds, leading other participants in going through the scenic trails of Mount Bidawan towards Mount Kotkot and Mount Ulap.

ITOGONIA MOUNTAIN MARATHON WINNERS — The top three male and female finishers in the premier 42-kilometer category of the Itogonia Mountain Marathon series held in Itogon, Benguet on Nov. 6 led by male champion Jayson Zonio, and female champion Angelie Caballo were presented by race director Don Santillan (extreme left). — Bong Bernardez for IMM

Allison Tellias placed second with a time of 6:32:27 followed by Rhys Pawid at 6:57:32 to complete the top three male finishers.

Caballo, on the other hand, finished the race at 8:42:25 followed by Isabel Quipse at 9:09:36 and Albien Joy Sison at 10:37:52. 

The 21K category was topped by Elmer Retolado with a time of 2:55:23 followed by Dexter Barnay at 3:54:42 and Ypril Marc Manzano at  3:54:54.

The female side of the 21K saw Chalyne Chagyo as the top winner at 5:44:09 followed by Micah Joy Yap at 6:19:04 and Maria Vicenta Gado at 6:56:13.

John Ivan Zonio led the 12K winners as he completed the race at 1:45:39 followed by Santiago Bumolyad, Jr. at 1:59:00 and Bryan Manalo at 2:01:24.

Pauline Taasan, meanwhile, led the women’s side with a time of 2:51:46 followed by Roflyne Fangayen and Ma-deline Pitok with race times of 3:02:37, respectively. 

The 6K race saw Vinson Ramos on top with a time of 47:39, as he was trailed by Alvarez Ganimid, Jr. at 1:08:05 and Johnny Belagan at 1:27:44.

Imee Joy Sadang topped the women’s sideat 1:29:00 followed by Christine Rios at 1:44:34 and Jenny Rose Jaurige at 1:49:35.

The Itogonia Mountain Marathon has the support of the municipality of Itogon and the host communities with Coros by Activ Gears PH as the official GPS watch partner and Hoka as the official event partner. – Ofelia C. Empian