May 25, 2024



by Atty. Sinai C. Hamada

Founding Editor

April 28, 1947

We are born. This, we announce humbly. We enter the fourth estate with no misgivings about our mission, believing we have one, or of our destiny, granting we have any. We aim to go somewhere, quite resolutely, but we do not beat our breast saying so. As is plain, the place of publication of this newspaper is the City of Baguio.

This city, as many have observed, is the gateway to the wonderland of the Cordilleras. Locally, we shall circulate in the region of this elevated land, the roof of the Philippines, its valleys, table lands and mountains, the plains and coasts whereon this great range sheds its influence.

More expansively and ambitiously, however, we shall strive to be read wherever men are fair minded; they are fearless, but friendly and free. Fair.

To explain: as a newspaper, we shall be a crusader. Having no cause to live for, we have no reason for existence. But espousing or fighting for a cause, we shall be fair before we are fearless. For, we have no ax to grind, in the first place.

We are not born of hate, though of indignation, perhaps. We shall not be prejudiced and adopt a studied opposition beforehand. We shall despise no one ever, nor judge anyone with ultimate absoluteness. The unerring conscience of men as a whole, the bar of public opinion, can pass judgment better than we can. As objectively as possible, we shall lay before our readers both sides of the question.

Whenever we present our personal views, we shall call it so and not represent it as the voice of God. Fearless. We shall be fearless. Fearless in the exposure of any wrong we know quite well to be so. Fearless in ferreting out facts not exactly inviting public knowledge or scrutiny. Fearless in supporting a good cause. Fearless in argument. Fearless, though walking in the dark in the search for light. Friendly. In the pleasanter side, hand in hand with being fearless, we shall be friendly.

Friendly, in the sense of rendering service for the people. We believe that service, as the keynote of our mission for the general behalf, will firmly cement our friendship with our readers. Discharging the three functions of a newspaper, to inform, to instruct and to amuse, we can be friendly by being a forum for beneficial instruction.

To achieve this purpose, we must know the needs and problems particular with us. Knowing these needs and problems, we can alleviate them, or solve them, as the case may be, by common counsel and mutual assistance. In this undertaking, one of public service, we call on everyone to lend or pass on to others any useful knowledge that has been of practical utility to him.

This is being friendly by being unselfish. Free. To be free is vital with every newspaper worthy of its name. We are not the tool of any individual or group of persons. Beside the general and public welfare, we owe no other loyalty. What ideal we have set before us we shall steadfastly live up to. We owe no one any favor.

We are under no obligation to anyone whomsoever. In this, our first issue, we have tried to concretely illustrate our four-point program. Thus, having somewhat elaborately delineated our purpose in the field we have entered, we invite public confidence and support.