March 31, 2023

Our unassuming and favorite professional curator, exhibitor, historian, writer, and researcher Erlyn Ruth Alcantara, sister to Stephen and Nathan is sick and is in need of our prayers and financial help.

She is the personal caregiver of her mother who was also gravely ill recently. Her outstanding curatorial work is mostly partnered with Ompong Tan’s photography.

Ompong is one of the 2022 Outstanding Citizens of Baguio.

Erlyn did the “Bagiw” historical exhibit of the Baguio Museum in 1997 at the Baguio Convention Center.
Last month, I talked to her regarding her plan to put an exhibit when she read about Marion Codeo.

In 2020, she put up the Ibagiw Exhibit at the Baguio Convention Center. She told me she was also sick prior to the exhibit. Erlyn has done a lot of art and photo exhibits at SM Baguio. We ask for prayers for her speedy recovery.

From the postings of her brother, Steve, she was brought to the hospital a few days ago and has been having seizures. Erlyn and her mother are in dire need of financial help from anyone who are willing to give, share, and care.
The latest about her from her doctors is that Erlyn is showing some improvement, more eye movement with attention, even a faint smile.

Dr. Bacani, her attending physician, shared hopeful outlook given by Dr. Liquete (neuro), but it will be a long recovery or gradual recovery. She will need a lot physical therapy. Most all she needs prayers and financial help from us her friends.

May I appeal to the culture, art and heritage sectors to whom she has shared her talents. According to updates, she was discharged last Wednesday and will be cared for at home.

Her brother Steve in behalf of the family says, “It will be a slow gradual climb toward her recovery. With continuing prayers and moral support from her many friends and family circle, she will get better.
To all of you who offered prayers and gave words of encouragement, who visited her, who gave gifts, and who gave generously toward contributing to her hospitalization costs, a simple thank you will not be enough.

On behalf of my sister, and my family, we express our sincere gratitude and ask God’s blessings to be showered upon you for your kindness, care and generosity. I raise my sister’s healing and recovery to our Lord. When she gets better, she can be visited. Much later when she is well, she will hopefully meet you, talk to you, reach out to you, and thank you personally. For now, we ask for your continuing prayers for her. ”

An online benefit concert and art auction are being prepared for her cause on Sept. 12 entitled “Para Kenni Ergs.”
Please watch out for it and support it.

For those who like to provide for Erlyn’s recuperative care, please send to Erlyn’s GCash 0915-253-0796.