April 13, 2024

A total of 23 Cordillera local government units conferred with the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) have received their corresponding incentive fund through the Department of the Interior and Local Government Cordillera in Baguio City.

“With 23 awardees for 2023, this is yet again an all-time high number of SGLG passers in the region, with one province, one city, and 21 municipalities. This is reminiscent of our performance in 2017, where we also had 23 passers that demonstrated excellence in local governance and contributed to the development of resilient and inclusive communities that we should be truly proud of,” DILG Regional Director Araceli San Jose said.

“If we can infer anything from the inclining trend since 2018, we can say that more LGUs are bent on shaping up and forging a renewed brand of improved standards of governance in their respective localities. We are optimistic that we can maintain this number and even surpass it in 2024,” she added.

Mountain Province took pride in being the sole provincial recipient of the SGLG Incentive Fund (SGLGIF), while Tabuk City has been recognized as the only city to receive this prestigious distinction.

The 21 municipalities are Bucay, Danglas, Dolores, La Paz, Pennarubia, San Juan, and Tayum in Abra; Conner, Luna, Pudtol, and Santa Marcela in Apayao; Asipulo, Kiangan, and Lagawe in Ifugao; Pasil and Rizal in Kalinga; and Bauko, Besao, Bontoc, Sabangan, and Tadian in Mountain Province.

The DILG grants P4 million for provinces, P2.3M for cities, and P1.M for municipalities, respectively.

San Jose urged the LGUs to use the subsidy to finance high-impact local development projects that respond directly to the needs of their respective constituents and address thematic concerns within their localities.

“Last year, it was fulfilling to see our LGUs come up with a variety of unique projects that directly benefit their constituents. There were projects on disaster risk reduction, education, and tourism, each of these crucial in accelerating inclusive local development and improving access to quality services from the LGU,” she said.

“This is what we want our LGUs to prioritize when considering projects to be funded under the SGLGIF. Think about the most vulnerable sectors of your community; ponder their most pressing needs; and consider what will benefit your LGU the most in terms of boosting industries and human productivity,” she said.

San Jose said the recognition signifies more than a mere award; it serves as a representation of the LGUs’ unwavering commitment to maintaining the utmost levels of leadership, accountability, and service excellence.

“Your dedication in promoting transparency, implementing efficient financial practices, and fostering innovation has unquestionably played a significant role in the holistic growth and welfare of the communities you serve,” she said.

The DILG gives the highest recognition and most prestigious award, SGLG, to LGUs for delivering public service through compliance with national laws and guidelines.

It also serves as a progressive assessment system that gives distinction to remarkable local government performance across 10 governance areas: financial administration; disaster preparedness; social protection and sensitivity; health compliance and responsiveness; sustainable education; business friendliness and competitiveness; safety, peace, and order; environmental management; tourism, heritage development, culture, and arts; and youth development.

“May this success serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for you to continue striving for even greater achievements in the future. Your leadership is truly commendable, as it sets a remarkable standard for other local government units,” she said. – Press release