February 24, 2024

BANGUED, Abra – The Parole and Probation Administration Office (PPAO) recently conducted basic training and orientation for volunteer probation aides (VPAs).

The training conducted at the Bahay Pag-asa in Calaba, Bangued was part of the observance of the 29th National Correctional Consciousness Week.

Abra PPO Officer-in-Charge Ruena D. Tangdol said there were 24 VPAs, seven of them with renewed appointment and 17 newly appointed.

The VPAs were oriented on their functions, qualifications, and roles of VPAs; and the basic principles of volunteerism and legal bases of the program.

As provided under Presidential Decree 908 and revitalized through Executive Order 468, the VPA program strengthens community participation in crime prevention, treatment of offenders, and in advancing criminal justice.

The VPAs who are reputable members of the community and of good moral character, serve as role models in ushering reformation and treatment of offenders who are members of their communities.  

After the orientation, the PPAO held an election of officers for the association of VPAs in the province.

Bong Valera encouraged his fellow VPAs to support the program by actively performing the functions of supervising volunteer.

“We must be compliant to our responsibilities such as submitting our reports on time and becoming a good companion in the spiritual, mental, social emotional needs of our clients,” he said. – Christian Allister Tubadeza