March 31, 2023

The Philippine Statistics Authority-Benguet will conduct the second round of the monthly Labor Force Survey (LFS).
The LFS will be conducted from March 8 to 27.
The monthly LFS and estimation of the monthly labor and employment statistics that started last month aims to provide high frequency statistical information on the Philippine labor market to better monitor and understand the current job situation and economy in the Philippines as well as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Results of the monthly LFS will serve as basis for planning, formulation of policies, and implementing programs to create gainful employment and bolster livelihood opportunities for Filipinos, particularly those who were adversely affected by the Covid-19.
The PSA responds to prevailing and emerging statistical concerns by providing labor and employment statistics as bases for policy setting and decision making.
Nine barangays in Baguio City and six barangays in Benguet were selected as sample areas.
From these sample barangays, households will be interviewed by assigned statistical researchers.
Minimum public health safety standards against the Covid-19 during all phases of the field operations will be strictly observed.
In this round of survey, an integrated Computer Aided Data Collection System will be employed.
Under Section 26 of Republic Act 10625, the household supplied information will be strictly confidential and the report cannot be used for purposes of taxation, investigation, or enforcement procedure, nor will be published except in the form of statistical summaries in which no reference to any individual person shall appear.
The individual data furnished by a respondent to statistical inquiries, surveys, and censuses of the PSA shall be inadmissible as evidence in any proceeding.
PSA-Benguet extends its gratitude to the public for the support to the different surveys and censuses being undertaken by the office. – Imelda L. Buyuccan