June 7, 2023

The African swine fever (ASF) virus has hit the towns of Boliney, Malibcong, Daguioman, and Tineg, Abra, as biosecurity measures are being tightened in the province to prevent the spread of the virus.

Boliney is the latest town to be hit by the ASF virus due to the earlier reported deaths of seven pigs in Danac East and West, where the samples were drawn on April 13.  

The Abra Provincial Information Office reported last week that 12 more pigs died on April 16 after a resident from Danac brought a wild pig or alingo back home.  

Around 355 pigs from various hog raisers in the municipality were depopulated to prevent the spread of the virus, which causes 100 percent mortality rate to infected swines.

A provincial ASF task force was formed to ensure no swine and pork meat will be brought out from the town and no pork meat or swine coming from other infected areas will come in.

On April 20, Abra Gov. Joy Bernos has issued an executive order declaring an ASF outbreak affecting wild pig population in Malibcong, Daguioman, and Tineg.

Bernos said cases involving wild pigs were first recorded last month in the Comia-as forest in Malibcong, which is bordering the provinces of Kalinga and Abra.

Bernos has ordered an extensive monitoring, surveillance, and investigation of swine production and hog raising, including slaughtering and butchering activities within and the surrounding areas of ASF-affected barangays every week.

The governor also called for close coordination among all municipal personnel, hog and swine raisers, meat storage facilities, meat processing plants, and related businesses including retail market, with the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist and the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian as lead coordinating team.

To further curb the spread of ASF, the transport of swine, swine products and its by-products, including wild pigs within 500 meters from ASF-infected areas, is prohibited.

The town of Tubo, which does not have single case of ASF, went further by banning all entry of swine and swine related products from other provinces, including nearby towns of Abra. – Ofelia C. Empian