May 23, 2024

Residents and visitors will once again witness the ingenuity of Cordillerans through the staging of the 4th Ibagiw Creative Festival, which opened on Nov. 12.

“We celebrate more than just creativity. We celebrate our people, the proud resilient and courageous Cordillerans. We credit it to you, the men and women of Baguio that remain steadfast despite the challenges of this pandemic,” Mayor Benjamin Magalong said during the opening program at the Baguio Convention Center.

“Ibagiw is the collective voice of our artists, artisans, and creative, whose passion has remained unfazed despite the pandemic. Ibagiw speaks well of our collective aspiration to survive, to endure and to get pass any difficulty. Ibagiw is our way of telling everyone that Baguio remains strong and unbeaten by this pandemic.”

Now on its fourth year with the theme, “Create. Integrate. Elevate.,” Ibagiw is in line with Baguio’s inclusion in the Unesco’s Creative Cities Network as a creative city for crafts and folk arts.

It showcases the works and performances of local artists and craftsmen ranging from rituals, sculptural pieces, traditional arts, and other crafts.

Baguio people and visitors will admire and learn more about the harmonious and rich creativity of Baguio through art exhibits, cultural shows, trade fair, forums, and webinars.

Magalong expressed gratitude to the Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective, Inc. under the leadership of former University of the Philippines Baguio chancellor Raymundo Rovillos, the Baguio Tourism Council chaired by Gladys Vergara, the Council for Baguio Creative City, the Department of Tourism, and other partners.

Among the lined up events are the “Alimuom,” contemporary art exhibit at the basement of Baguio Convention Center that features interconnectedness of people amid the hardship of seeing families and friends in this time of pandemic.

The University of Baguio’s Museo Kordilyera is also hosting the “Batok: Tattoos for Cordillera,” a cultural expo showcasing historical and contemporary photographs of traditional tattoos of the Cordillera from Nov. 12 to 30.

The “Art in the Park” opened on Nov. 19 at the Reflection Lake along Wright Park spearheaded by the Pasa-Kalye Group of Artists, and the “Mandeko Kito” at the Berkeley School with 42 participants to offer arts and crafts and indigenous food products. This will be open on Fridays to Mondays.

On Nov. 27, the DOT-Cordillera will open the Cordillera Weaves Exhibit and Weavers’ Bazaar at the DOT office grounds.

A two-day webinar, “Cordillera Weaves: Tradition, innovation, and commerce” will also be held in partnership with the Tourism Promotions Board.

The schedule of creative events and other virtual learning, demonstration, and forums are posted at the “Baguio Tourism” Facebook page.

Organizers assured that all Covid-19 protocols are in place to ensure public safety. – Carlito C. Dar