June 20, 2024

The local government is eying five to six sites for the proposed put-up of multi-level parking structures to address the parking problems in the city.

Among the sites being considered by the city for the project are the site of the former auditorium in Burnham Park, the underground parking of the tennis court at the Athletic Bowl, the Botanical Garden, Wright Park, and an area at the Mines View Park.

The projects will be undertaken by the local government either through local funds or via the public-private partnership scheme pursuant to the pertinent provisions of the Public-Private Partnership for the People Ordinance.

Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong said the local government will also be identifying possible sites for the put-up of modular parking structures which could be funded by the city while the big structures will be implemented through the PPP scheme with interested proponents.

The proposed Botanical Garden multi-level parking structure will be constructed by a private company while the Wright Park parking building will be part of the development of the area.

In the case of the underground parking of the Baguio tennis court, the P119 million needed for the whole project will be provided by the local government where the same will be bid out the soonest.

The proposed multi-level parking building within the former site of the old auditorium will form part of the city’s creative center to be built in the area.

The put-up of multi-level parking structures is part of the initiatives of the local government to address the increasing need for parking spaces in various areas around the city because of the rapid increase in the number of private vehicles roaming around the city daily, especially during weekends where there is a heavy influx of visitors from the different parts of the lowlands.

The local government will continue to locate other areas where the put-up of modular parking structures will be feasible depending on the results of the soil tests that will be conducted in the sites to ensure public safety.

The put-up of multi-level parking structures is one of the long-term projects by the local government to cater to the rapidly increasing requirements for off-street parking spaces. – PIO release