May 25, 2024

77th Anniversary Supplement

77th Anniversary Cartoons

Baguio Midland Courier as an English teacher: Epitomizing excellence in the craft of writing

Onion skins, the free press and freedom of expression

The Baguio Midland Courier’s legacy

The most important stint: Primitivo Mijares and his short stay in Midland

How Midland Courier shaped the political landscape in the highlands

Press night and desk work in the early 2000s

Where you have an education center, there also a community newspaper can bloom

Baguio Midland Courier’s obituary pages: Connecting communities from birth to dust and beyond

Baguio Midland Courier: An amplifier of public issues, events through the decades

My Midland journey; from natural disasters to a pandemic and the digital revolution

Trailblazing editorial cartooning in the Cordillera

Midland Courier empowers legion of readers