June 21, 2024

1. For the secretary to order the investigation of the haphazardly planned, corrupted and substandard re-blocking and slope protection walls along the Halsema Highway from 2013 to date. Why? It obviously did not uplift the lives of the people/road users;

2. To order the full opening of Kennon Road. Why? The Department of Public Works and Highways-CAR in an alleged  conspiracy with the Task Force Kennon Road is peddling lies of the “dangers” in traversing the road just for the release of funds. In truth and in fact, there is no imminent danger passing through Kennon Road.

3. To order the audit of all projects for Kennon Road from 2013 to 2019. Did these projects uplift the lives of the people or road users? Obviously it did not, and Kennon Road was a useful, working, and an all-weather two-way road in the ‘70s even without the construction/opening of Marcos Highway and Nangalisan-Baguio Road until the DPWH engineering stupidity entered the picture;

4. To order the investigation of the P90 million worth Tipunan River flood control, Upper Chico River, Bauko Mountain Province that were severely damaged by Typhoons Ompong and Rosita on Sept. 18 and Oct. 30, 2018, respectively, yet the DPWH-CAR paid its final billing without ordering the project’s restoration and worse, the agency paid all the 10 percent retention fees on Feb. 2, 2019;

5. To order the DPWH-CAR and its district offices to adhere to Section 34.3 of Republic Act 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act. Why? Because DPWH-CAR is perennially awarding projects to bad performing contractors, for a fee. This causes delays in the completion of projects, and promotes a cycle of bad and underperforming contractors;

6. To order the investigation of the P110M retrofitting of three flyovers in Baguio City – the BGH, Bokawkan junction and the Trancoville junction flyovers. Why? The people are witness that the visible work done was painting;

7. To order the investigation of all the minimal widening along Halsema Highway. Why? The DPWH is obviously and blatantly violating the Clean Water Act and its plain and simple environmental destruction and corruption;

8. To initiate the re-alignment of the P507M for Kennon Road rehabilitation into installation of solar studs and solar lamp posts along Kennon Road, Halsema Highway, Marcos Highway, Naguilian Road, Benguet-Viscaya Road, and the proposed P3.7B and P38B for Kennon Road for the installation of the same solar projects along other national roads of the Cordillera.

9. To initiate the re-modeling of the DPWH project billboard similar to that of Japan where people can know if there are deviations in a project; and

10. To consider qualified and bona fide Cordillerans to head the DPWH-CAR and its district offices. Why? Because Cordillerans can understand the needs of their localities and are more energetic to personally roam around their areas of responsibility. — JUNIPER DOMINGUEZ, Sabangan, Mountain Province