May 18, 2024

Do you hear that? It is the voice of fear. Fear is frightening that it causes one to imagine all kinds of outcomes and scenarios. Fear can sometimes be so severe that it can prevent us from doing things. However, in my perspective, fear is not a sign of weakness. It motivates us to keep going because of the adrenaline we get from facing it. It is entirely normal to feel and even beneficial. One benefit is that it keeps us safe as it raises our awareness of danger and prepares us for how to handle ourselves since it functions as a warning signal. According to a study at Coventry University, fear can boost our immune system, make us stronger and not weaker. Moreover, it is not undoubtedly wrong as it is one of the inbuilt human survival instincts.
We can use our fear as armor. What does that mean? Armor is something that can provide us with protection. As mentioned earlier, fear serves as a warning signal, which tells us we can use it to our advantage to protect ourselves. Aside from that, it can help us grow, but how? Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, “I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” That was highly motivating. We must relate it to ourselves. Figure out what hinders us from progressing. Is it fear? What do we fear? Is it because we are afraid of failure or judgment? We may have the slightest ounce of courage to do something we have never done before, but overthinking is one possible reason that stops us from doing so. For example, I was a victim of bullying, leading to me being an overthinker and insecure while overthinking what others think of me. I was afraid of not being enough to make those supporting me proud. Just like others, you may feel that you fear the unknown. It means that your fear what will happen next because you do not know if you will be able to surpass it. Over time, I learned that the more you overthink, the more you are likely to lose yourself, and I do not want that to happen, nor do you. Also, I realized that there are billions of people on Earth, and if I cared about everyone’s opinion of me, that would be exhausting.
Despite your insecurities, you should not trap yourself in your problems because that is what will make you weaker. Yes, not your fear, but it is when you do not get out of your comfort zone that will lead you to not being able to show what you can do. Strive and win your battles. Do not obsess over things you cannot control to reach a new destination. And when you do, you do not stop there. Life is not about achieving one destination. When you accomplish a goal, you can make a new one. Life is a journey of conquering obstacles in front of you. That is how you can use your fear to be a better person and, at the same time, overcome it.
Remember, you should inject yourself with a healthy dose of fear. Too much is bad for you. For medicines, it should always be the right amount. But when we talk about fear, we cannot define the right amount for everyone because each of us has experienced different situations. Thus, we have different perspectives and levels of mental capability. Lastly, should you listen to the voice of fear? Yes. Listen to it and overcome it. Feeling afraid is natural, but if you never try, how will you know? The more you try to escape, the more it worsens. Try it, and it will help you discover things about yourself that will help you grow into a better version of yourself. Now, dear reader, ask yourself this question: What is your greatest fear?