May 24, 2024

Everyone is complaining due to the intense heat we experience nowadays.
Our place where we used to feel cooler temperature was not spared from too much heat. The massive destruction of our environment has brought these changes.
I still could remember how the surroundings near our house and school were destroyed due to a road opening. The noise coming from the backhoe digging soil in front of our house was irritating. Trees were uprooted, buried or cut without hesitation, as if they were of no use.
The trees, which provided us with fresh air, protected us from strong winds, rains and heat, served as shelter for wild animals and prevented landslides for years were sacrificed.
The school where I work for more than 20 years is now at risk. Landslides surrounded the school after the onslaught of a typhoon. The fruit-bearing trees which children used to climb were carried away by the landslide. These were triggered by the said road opening beside the school. The contractor promised to do something to prevent further damage but months had already passed yet no action was taken.
How painful it is to see our environment being destroyed because of man’s selfish motives. They do not value nature. They were just after the money they get from implementing projects. They are not thinking of the possible negative effects of the destruction to organisms.
Development is good but it should not sacrifice our environment. In every project, extra care must be considered to minimize the undesirable effects that it may bring.
Nature has its own way to reciprocate what humans do to it. Whatever humans do to nature, nature brings it back to them. If they use nature with love and respect, it will continue to provide them with their needs. On the contrary, if they will destroy it, it will get back to them in a more devastating way. Nature’s wrath is uncontrollable. It does not exempt any one.
Environmental destruction is the major reason of calamities that are being experienced at present. Strong typhoons, landslides, floods and increase in temperature are among its effects. These calamities cause massive damages to humans. It claimed many lives and properties.
The tragedy that happened in Goldfields Mines in Ucab, Itogon, Benguet in 2017 is one good example of the adverse result of mining in the mountains. Many people were buried alive when a part of the mountain eroded.
The intense heat we are experiencing these days is affecting our country greatly. Many people are getting sick. Some died due to heat stroke. Animals and crops are also suffering.
More horrifying tragedies await us if we continue contributing to the destruction of our environment. We need to act now before it will be too late. We should work hand in hand to protect our environment. Simple ways that we do like planting trees, segregating wastes and reusing, reducing, and recycling can make a big impact in the preservation of our nature.