June 14, 2024

One subject that interested us in college was philosophy, especially about the meaning of life. From Aristotle’s philosophy that life’s meaning and purpose is the pursuit of happiness; Socrates’ ultimate goal of human existence is not just to live but live a good, meaningful, and virtuous life; to Sartre’s existential approach that there is no meaning and purpose of our lives than what our freedom creates and therefore, we must rely on our own resources; Kierkegaard’s meaning in life resides in accepting oneself as the task, but one can only secure meaning through a proper relation to God; and such other life’s philosophies that my friends would discuss and debate upon over bottles of beer or gin or combined – like a “beergin” – throughout the night till the break of dawn.

The memories of college discussions with friends about the meaning of life came to the fore of our ageing consciousness now that I would find myself with elder friends comparing our life journeys – how fulfilling or meaningful, how happy or joyful, they were.

My elderly friends and I found that, at this age of our life as we are waiting at the “departure area” for our flight to after life, we have somehow found fulfilment and joy when we have shared our knowledge and talents, fortune and blessings with our fellowmen.

When we alleviated fellow human beings, a group or community from their problems, dilemma, predicaments, or whenever we were part of their own success or achievements, the joyful feeling of having helped or improved their lot is long lasting. It is a joyful feeling that gives one a sense of soulful contentment and satisfaction, and not just a fleeting emotion of happiness.

As often quoted, “Joy is in the heart, happiness is on the face; joy is of the soul, happiness is of the moment.”

We observed that one’s spirituality grows with age, especially when we are in our elderly state and believe in the promise of an everlasting life, as a way to achieve peace of mind.

Unless of course, we adhere to the existentialist belief that we are responsible for creating our purpose and meaning in our lives, without regard to governments, Gods or authorities to make us realize our purpose and meaning of our lives.

But whichever we base our own beliefs on what life is, for as long as we are at peace with our fellowmen, our environment, and our world, then we can also exit peacefully from existence, confident that you left something good in this world.

* * * * * * * * * *

        One Baguio boy that came to my mind who may have finally discovered his purpose in lifeis Danilo “Danny” Quinto.

The son of Dr. Felino Quinto, Sr., who was our city veterinarian sometime in the 1960s, Danny had been into several business ventures after his graduation from B. S. Physics at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.

He first undertook insurance as a source of living hoping that he could find his place in the sun. Then Danny had a network of marketing health products before he took interest in boxing and was for a time a boxing promoter, manager, and trainer.

But soon he realized that his passion is in health and wellness, particularly emphasizing that “an ounce of prevention, is better than a pound of cure.” Thus, together with other alternative health professionals, he actively advocates and promotes disease prevention by using natural medicines that would activate the powers of healing of our own bodies.

Danny advocates plant-based nutrition, regular physical exercise, proper breathing and rest, meditation, strong spiritual beliefs in God, care for Mother Earth, and respect and compassion for every living creature.

Danny practices what he advocates and says he is a living example of a happy and healthy being with a potential long life. Danny has just turned 73 years of age but he claims to only be 38 years of age – biologically.

Check him out at the Pain Management and Molecular Therapy Center where they are now treating patients with two amazing bio-electric machines that relieve sore muscles, arthritis, scoliosis, sciatica, etc.; and the bio pure hydrogen inhaler that cures insomnia and asthma and enhances respiratory function.