February 23, 2024

SAN JUAN, Abra – Environmental protection and preserving good air quality should be among the priorities of the police.
Carmelita Bersalona, chairperson of the Provincial Advisory Council (PAC) of the Abra Police Provincial Office, said the police should implement the full force of the law in apprehending vehicles, especially the public transport tricycles that emit black and harmful smoke.
During the joint meeting of the PAC and the Regional Advisory Council of the Police Regional Office here recently, Bersalona called attention to the smog along the main streets, which she observed during the morning rush hour.
She said it is the school children who are the most affected by the bad smoke discharged by the tricycles.
Abra Police Provincial Director Col. Alfredo Dangani said they have been implementing environmental laws, but will be firm in going after smoke-belching vehicles.
Bersalona urged the PAC and the police to plant more bamboos which may contribute in enhancing air quality aside from being a food source and an alternate raw material for wood furniture.
She also asked the police to be aggressive in going after those illegally cutting trees, especially narra and other hard wood.
The police advisory councils, which are established from the national to the municipal level, serve as the advisory body of the PNP in the implementation of PNP PATROL (Peace and Order Agenda for Transformation and Upholding of the Rule of Law) Plan 2030.
Composed of professionals, businessmen, media, religious, and youth, it provides external perspectives on issues and concerns in the police force and boosts the relationship between the community and the police.
It is part of the continuous transformation strategy for the PNP to achieve its goal to become capable, effective, and credible police office. – Joseph B. Zambrano