June 22, 2024

Close to 1.7 million Filipino voters overseas will begin casting their votes for the May 2022 polls on April 10.
Data from the Commission on Elections-Office for Overseas Voting (OFOV) released on April 8 showed there are 1,697,215 registered Filipino voters worldwide.
The Filipino voters will be voting in the Philippine posts, embassies, or consulates in the country or territory they reside or work.
Overseas voters will be choosing one president, one vice president, 12 senators, and one party-list group.
The Middle East and Africa top the list of voters at 786,997, followed by the Asia Pacific with 450,282 voters.
Countries in United States have a total of 306,445 voters; while Europe has 153,491 registered voters.
A total of 92 Philippine posts will hold overseas voting activities until May 9. The posts will be using an automated election system and manual system of voting.
Some posts will also be using the postal method of voting, via personal voting and mixed voting methods.
On the other hand, a total of 127 registered voters in four Philippine posts will not be able to cast their votes as the Comelec ordered the suspension of voting in these posts.
These are in the Philippine posts of Baghdad, Tripoli, Islamabad, and Warsaw, which cover the countries of Iraq, Algeria, Chad, Tunisia, Libya, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.  – PNA