February 26, 2024

City officials requested the Tourism and Special Events Division of the City Administrator’s Office, owners or managers of the hotels, inns, transient houses, and other accommodation establishments in the city to emphasize the strict observance of the “basura ko, bitbit ko” practice to their guests when going around Baguio.
 In Resolution 578, s. 2022, the city council said observance of the practice will contribute in the efforts to keep the environment healthy.
 During the Scout Official for-a-Day (Scofad) regular session in November, the Sofad Council adopted the proposal of Sofad Councilor Tiffany Martheanne M. Fonite which requested the City Tourism Office; owners or managers of hotels, inns, transient houses; and other accommodation establishments to emphasize to their guests to observe the basura  ko, bitbit ko when going around the city.
 The council pointed out Baguio is a prime tourist destination in the north, a city of culture and craft and heritage sites that bring back the city’s glorious past, amidst a cool climate and warm people, and with all these attractions, the city is a highland dream destination that attracts people from all places.
 While vibrant tourism boosts the economy, it also generates a substantial amount of garbage from the visitors and tourists which exceeds the garbage generated by the residents.
 In some areas in the city, particularly those frequented by visitors, the council disclosed that garbage is indiscriminately left on the streets, parks, alleys, waterways, and other open spaces by undisciplined people, which destroys the environment.
 According to the body, trash or garbage which cannot be immediately disposed in areas because of unavailable trash bins should be kept or carried to be disposed in an appropriate trash bin or disposal areas.
The council the resolution intends to instill for everyone a change of mindset and habits that would certainly help in minimizing the garbage problem in the city. – PIO release