June 17, 2024

With the looming general community quarantine status for the Cordillera effective Feb. 1, tourists are advised to pre-book before visiting tourism sites in La Trinidad, Benguet.
The Municipal Inter-Agency Task Force said walk-in visitors are discouraged while those who have pre-booked must observe minimum health protocols.
Individuals who are 15 years old and below and 65 years old and above will not be allowed to enter the tourism sites.
Mayor Romeo Salda said pre-booking has always been recommended before visiting the approved tourism sites to prevent overcrowding in the area. 
Only 11 sites were approved by the MIATF to operate in the municipality. All the sites are open to Benguet residents except for Mt. Yangbew in Barangay Tawang, which caters to La Trinidad residents only.
The sites opened in the town are Mount Costa, Nature preserve in Longlong, Puguis – 0977-409-7004); Darjanes Flower Garden in Shilan – 0963-792-3671; Lily of the Valley Organic Farm in Ampasit, Puguis – 0920-685-8281; Avong nen Romy Nature Park in Upper Wangal – 0998-227-9343; and Living Gifts Cactus Farm in Central Agno – 0995-463-9824.
Other sites are Mt. Kalugong in Tawang – 0929-302-4287; Bell Church – 0933-150-4606; Garden Nen Ines Anthuria in Shilan – 0908-780-7006; Cosmic Farm in Beckel – 0926-724-9284; and Admirals Park in Longlong, Puguis – 0910-660-3483.
During the last quarter of 2020, a total of 24,131 tourists visited various tourism sites in the municipality.
From October to December 2020, Mt. Kalugong logged 6,293 visitors; Darjane’s Garden with 5,075; Living Gifts with 2,295; Admirals Farm with 2,168; Garden nen Ines with 1,361; Mount Costa with 1,207; and 5,732 tourists were logged in Bell Church, Avong nen Romy, Lily of the Valley, Cosmic Farm and Mt. Yangbew. 
Around P2.6 million was generated from local tourism based on visitors’ receipts. – Ofelia C. Empian