May 19, 2024

WE ARE ALL – yes, everybody is – familiar with the term cloud/s – both as a Noun, and as a Verb, aren’t we?
IF YET A-THINKING, try recalling in-Mind your Elementary Science teacher saying: “… the nimbus clouds (pointing in one direction) as well as the cumulus clouds (pointing in another), that now be/cloud the exquisite beauty of those thick forests surrounding this beloved valley of ours!” [Are you now ‘refreshed’? then]
WE MAY NOW shift Usage and Application to Cloud/s, in relation to the recently-concluded National and Local Elections, may we?
RANDOMLY, WE PICK up – Zeal! So, the ‘cloud’ of Zeal; and then. Motivation.. and Envy, Suspicion; of course. the ‘cloud’ too of Excitement! And next then, to the details:
PINGIT OR INGING they call it in Nabaloi; or Oklong in general Cordi, Z e a l as ‘mere’ , or by itself alone, may truly becloud one’s normal or regular thinking; so that, when he/she is this, people say:
KAMONEG NI PINGIT to~ (Transl: “Were it not for his IMPL super Zeal~”) as their basic Antecedent: come their concomitant Consequents respective, to wit in these examples:
[EG KOMA AHKHAKHARA ja nan run! /Transl:”He/she would not have hastily filed! Or, istay man wiwidawid bengat niman! Transl: “He/she would just be relaxing this time! Or, ooney to komay digat to ji sai ni Sinja! Transl: “His/her distresses would have been lesser in these [post-Election] times!”] And next
KHABOL/AWIS =int /the ‘the Cloud of/ “Motivation”. Anchoring with basic Antecedent, Khabol/Awis/Khamkham ni Pansilbi ono PantusshaI, enan kandirato! Transl: “(Because of) Motivations to serve or/and rule, he became a candidate!” And accordingly, obtain the due Consequents like:
PAG AMMUAM, ANGAVAC numan! Or, Nganto mah, naavac! Or, Niman, kowan to, adaw-anan dai khastos! Translations:
“NO ONE KNOWING, he won, CONC!” Or,”What now? She/he lost!” Or, “This time, he says, considerably unquantifiable had gone my Expenses!” So, back to each one’s Self:
WE DO NOW see – or realize, what those ‘Clouds’ could do, Q.E.D.? Alas…
AFTER THE ‘CLOUDS’ are gone, we cannot unmake what have been made; so, congrats to the winners, congrats-later to those who didn’t win; but why yes! Life must go on and the botos just finished is now a part and/or parcel of everyone’s history u Matagu-tagu tako! Onbila-bilay kito! Ayuhh2!