April 14, 2024

The Department of Agriculture-Cordillera has mobilized its resources and linked vegetable growers directly to the buyers, to help the farmers who have made know of their plight by opting to donate their unsold produce since late last year.

Since the agency launched its veggie-connect through the Kadiwa on Wheels program, more than 77,610 kilos or 77.61 metric tons of assorted vegetables from 61 farmers were sold to direct buyers, based on the data collated by the agency.

Among the produce that were delivered to buyers in the National Capital Region and regions 1, 3, and 4-A  are cabbage and Chinese cabbage (wombok).

Aida Pagtan, Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Information Section chief,said the DA also delivered vegetables to various families and government offices in the Cordillera, including tourist destinations in Baguio and at the city hall.

Staff members of the Agricultural and Marketing Assistance Division also facilitated the distribution of the vegetables to Luna, Tubao, Balaoan, Aringay, and Rosario in La Union and to Manaoag and Mabini in Pangasinan.

The DA said the initiative may seem small and may be considered a band aid solution, but it is still a solution that would help ease the burden of farmers who are facing challenges in disposing their produce in the trading posts.

The DA has also called on interested donors, buyers, institutional partners to connect with the agency.

As of Jan. 18, the wholesale prices of cabbage at the various trading posts in La Trinidad ranged from P8 to P17 per kilo, depending on the variety.

Carrots were sold at a wholesale price ranging from P5 to P30 per kilo while potatoes were sold from P15 to P60 per kilo.

Raddish were sold from P15 to P25 per kilo, broccoli, P40 to P100 per kilo; lettuce, P15 to P35 per kilo; bell pepper, P15 to P55 per kilo; and snap beans, P45 to P50 per kilo.

Vegetable prices vary on hour hourly or daily basis, as costs are determined by the volume delivered to the trading areas. – Jane B. Cadalig