February 23, 2024
TRASH TALK — Brash American fighter Jarred Brooks continues his tirade on reigning ONE strawweight world champion Joshua Pacio, whom he said he could beat when they collide anytime soon. Brooks has been calling Pacio out in several occasions, but the Filipino fighter is not intimidated by the psychological warfare approach by the former. — ONE photos

Brash American fighter Jarred Brooks continues to employ psychological warfare on reigning ONE Championship strawweight world champion Joshua Pacio and is willing to do everything to have a title bout in the nearest future.
“I don’t think he wants to fight me anytime really soon. I think he probably wants to fight me in like July or something like that. But he can take as much time as he wants to prepare, like I said, I think I can beat Joshua Pacio right now,” Brooks said in an interview with ONE.
The 28-year-old Brooks is dead set on convincing ONE he has earned the right to fight Pacio after defeating ranked fighters Lito Adiwang and Hiroba Minowa. He is currently the top three contender in the division.
A veteran in the Ultimate Fighting Championship before he joined ONE, Brooks has been on a tear since joining Asia’s biggest media sports property.
Through it all, he has admitted that he has kept a close watch on Pacio and truth be told, he’s not impressed.
“I’ve watched a lot of other opponents that have fought Joshua. He got Alex Silva, I think that he’s somebody that is a perfect portrayal of what I am, but he’s a little bit less,” he said.
He continued: “I think that Josh knows why he should be afraid. He’s never fought another person like me inside of the circle. I know that Josh has been watching me ever since I beat Lito, and I think he’s been watching me ever since I was in the UFC.”
Pacio has already spoken he is not bothered, or even threatened, by the psychological warfare being employed by Brooks.
He also warned Brooks that he has not fought someone like him, who is a known tactician inside the ONE circle and having defeated some of the world-class grapplers and strikers.
Pacio also claimed his full potential as a fighter has not been unleashed yet reason why those criticizing him have to patiently wait what he will showcase in his future fights. – Harley F. Palangchao