June 14, 2024

“Walang hiya, awan ti baen, anggapo lay kalakal tu” are the words coming out of the mouths of those outraged by the recent birthday celebration of a police general, claiming the affair was spontaneous, with well-wishers coming over to greet him many happy returns of the day.

Manianita is a term familiar to cursillistas, who after a three-day stay in rebonding with the heavens, are serenaded by fellow cursillistas who had earlier gone through the course.
It is actually a touching occasion, with not a few tears shed, secure in their thoughts that they are now one with their Lord and Maker.
Over the years, however, as the fallout grew, the once popular cursillo soon lost its appeal, practically putting an end to the movement, which amended the lives of many.

But let’s listen to what the Philippine National Police hierarchy has to say about Manila police chief Major General Degold Sinas and his birthday bash. It’s hard to replace him, even assuming that what he did wasn’t right (was wrong would be more like it), says top PNP honcho Archie Gamboa, a fellow Philippine Military Academy mistah, given his familiarity with the Covid-19 in his jurisdiction, or words to that effect.
Or, as Sinas himself says, “When I heard the President mention my name on TV, “Sabi ko, naku, ito na.”

The unexpected absolution by the Palace that he will remain in his post, and not be removed or transferred, was Sinas’ biggest birthday gift ever.
Maligayang kaarawan, Heneral, at ma-nigong tuloy-tuloy pa ring masarap na buhay. Palagay ko, makakatulog na kayo, at hindi na kayo papayat.
Christmas comes early this year – for him, not us.

I miss ogling the girls, since I can no longer tell if every passing one is pretty or not with face masks on.
Flashing Latino eyes alone do not reveal what could be a pudgy nose, rabbit teeth, and thick lips, quite common in this neck of the Cordillera.
I miss too the public exhibitions of affection.

Lovers kissing on a Saturday afternoon while sitting on a bench fronting the lake; elderly couples clasping hands en route to church on a Sunday morning; moviegoers sitting at the rear end of the balcony, wrapping arms around each other, and smooching while Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are having a shooting war, shouting “I love you.”

But I am having a good laugh with the liquor ban, when guys in uniform confiscate cartons and cartons of gin from sari-sari stores selling the brew on the sly, only to find out I can buy a bottle at P150 per, or triple the original price.
Wala munang kasing 15-30 at dikit dahil sarado lahat ng pasugalan, wala ring crack at MJ, kaya make do na lang muna selling confiscated gin and taking off car plates for alleged traffic violations.
May porsyinto kasi ang nanghuli sa P500 na tubos plaka.

With every disaster that comes along, the more enterprising the Filipino becomes.
Following the 1990 Baguio earthquake, donated tents, imported canned goods, even money found themselves to the homes of City Hall rascals; ‘yung Rosebowl sardines, naging Ligo; ‘yung tents from Europe naging local canvas; ‘yung dollars naging pesos, no conversion, mind you.
Ngayon naman, ang local na alak naging imported price wise; ang presyo ng beef, pork at prutas, presyong ginto. Ang laman, mura, pero takot sa Covid-19.
Tuyo, dilis, isda, hindi kaya ng bulsa. Ganoon di sa take-out at delivery.

There is a time for everything, a time to eat, and a time to gorge; a time to drink and a time to become an alcoholic; a time to sleep, and a time to gamble 24/7; a time to fake and not be Chinese; a time to be greedy and a time to be moderate; a time to lie and a time to be a politician; a time to be a gentleman and a time to be both a lady and a gentleman by night; a time to be beautiful and a time to become a mistress; a time to brag, and a time to brag some more; a time to steal millions and a time to steal billions; a time to import Chinese nationals, and a time to deport them; a time to have sex, and a time to go to the hospital; a time to cheat, and a time to be found out; a time to play the Rosario, but only after she is done with her household chores; and lastly, a time to be crazy, and a time to be presidentiable.

OBITS: Belated and current, sadly yes, Mr. Jo Carlos, your friend Danny Gonzales, was shot and killed some years back by an unknown assailant, who is said to have died in prison.
Our belated condolences.

We mourn the untimely demise of our grade 6 classmate, Jaime “Jimmy” Ventura, who passed away the other week, following a long and courageous bout with the big C.
Float to heaven, old friend, as others before you have done.
God speed!